Jesus was a liar and a bad teacher

It’s difficult to accept that — even in the twenty-first century — there are people out there who still believe the Noah Flood Myth actually took place. We have a lot of tools at our disposal to debunk the claims of a global flood as outlined in Genesis. Indeed, they’ve been used time and time again. Here, let me google that for you. Furthermore, after extensive research no one has produced a single shred of evidence of a global flood or an ark.

One Youtube user (bushonomics) made a video in 2010 where he uses simple math to debunk the story. His methodology is spotty. I’ll admit that. But his shortcomings give creationists more room, not less. And despite this his math still adds up and lands on the side of the flood is mathematically impossible. I’m not going to discuss the video further. If you’re interested in it, click the link.

In the comments section of the video I came across a rather interesting response from an apologist. Here it is:


I guess that settles it! We have to believe the flood happened because the bible says that Jesus believed it happened! Here’s the bible verses BachScholar mentions.

Matthew 24:37-39 indeed tells us that Jesus believed the flood myth. But that is no reason to think it actually happened. If Jesus existed and actually said this (doubtful), then he was speaking from the same ignorance that plagued the minds of those who wrote the Genesis account. He was no more educated than they were.

Some might argue that the flood myth was an allegory, and Jesus merely repeated the allegory. There are two problems with this. First, the flood myth plays an important role in Christian doctrine. The myth has come to represent much more than merely a children’s tale. If people could accept the allegory* then Jesus should have mentioned that it wasn’t a literal event. Second, jumping off from that, Jesus never said it was an allegory! He repeats the story as if it actually happened.

BachScholar nails it! If we can deny the flood — which we have every reason to do — then we can call Jesus a liar and a bad teacher. He was the friggin’ son of god! He should’ve known better! Seriously, for someone claiming to be all-knowing, he didn’t seem to know too much about history (or science). So yes, BachScholar I’ll stop beating around the bush and say it. Jesus was a liar and a bad teacher.

*I don’t think people could accept the allegory anyway. Many Americans still believe that Noah’s flood actually took place.

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14 Responses to Jesus was a liar and a bad teacher

  1. Roger Wilco | humanisthuman says:

    How can you deny the story of Noah? If Noah had not saved mankind in the great food, you couldn’t be here to deny it. You’re here, aren’t you? Well, you can’t deny the truth of the flood.

    • Cerberus says:

      How can we deny it?
      Because it didn’t happen. Can you offer proof that it did? Without scripture? Hmm?
      I doubt it.

      Just remember. If our world had that much more water on its surface, hence more gravity, and that alone would kill us. We would not be able to withstand that much gravity, and atmospheric pressure, nor that amount of moisture within our atmosphere. Why? Because our bodies and lungs would implode rather, violently, from the immense atmospheric pressure with too much water vapor. So you’d not have any ability to even take a breath.

      Please. Go to any mountain of your choice. Go higher, and higher. And let’s see how well you’ll breathe. Because as you go higher the atmosphere will get thinner, and thinner, until you can no longer take a breath. Your mind will be starved for oxygen, and your brain will driven to madness. But coming back down and you’ll see how the pressure will build back to normal strength/ pressure, and your mind is whole again.

      And the same analogy can be given for our ocean too.

      With no synthetic gods to help you either. Not even a three headed hellhound from Hades.

      • Rayan Zehn says:

        Haha! Welcome back Cerberus! I think Roger Wilco might be Poe, considering the “huministhuman” part of his name. But yeah, great to have you back, buddy!

      • Cerberus says:

        Aww-man. Thanks so much for your kindness. Believe me when I say that. It meant a lot to read that. Wow! I feel good.

        I’ve been talking to a friend lately, and this friend has helped me through this, enormously!

        It’s so good to have some very special friends … very good.

        Thanks again, friend.

      • Roger Wilco | humanisthuman says:

        Haha! Yeah, just a bit of sarcasm.

      • Cerberus says:

        Bit of sarcasm? Perhaps. But it is not without truth.

        While the religious will always try to promote scare-casm, and it doesn’t work here.

  2. T.S. says:

    I’d like to point out that denying the flood is in no way calling Jesus a liar, it’s calling him wrong, and Jesus was wrong about a lot of things.

    His logic is pretty flawed there anyway. If as atheists we present ourselves as people who don’t believe Jesus was the son of god then aren’t we calling him a liar that way? Just by saying “I’m an atheist” we’re saying Jesus is a liar (or at least delusional), so saying it again would be rather redundant.

    Whatever, he’s a youtube commenter. The second your fingers touch the keyboard to write a youtube comment your IQ has dropped a good 20 points.

    • Cerberus says:

      It is never redundant to try and educate the religious. And yes, the book is full of lies. So, that would make ,Jesus, God, and the rest all liars.

      Should we just stop then?
      Should we just allow them to speak while we say nothing?
      Is this not a free society?

      You are saying what the religious usually say.

      And we will say what we have to say too. If not then we have all lost everything.

      • T.S. says:

        I fear I may not have worded my comment as clearly as it could have been. I have no qualms with the existence of the video.

        I was saying Bachscholar should have known the creator of the video was calling jesus “liar” the second he knew he was an atheist so calling him out on it for denying the flood is redundant.

        I also wouldn’t say the bible is full of lies- its full of stories, myth, and some miss information that some people have mistakenly labeled as “fact” rather than fiction.

      • Cerberus says:

        Still redundant?
        Any person can say as they see fit in a free society, and myths are lies, the story of Jesus is a lie, contradictions are lies, so, calling anyone calling out on a mere borrowed myth/ lie has justification in calling them out on it, and regardless of what others may think.

        If i was in any real court, and could only show an exhibit a holy book as my so-called “proof,” I’d be thrown out of the court.

      • Cerberus says:

        Sir, no disrespect intended, but I merely would like to point out that any persons reputation’s at stake, and even under this situation.

        Say that if I had stolen your car, left it along the road, the police then gather evidence to convict my person, and when they present said evidence in a court if law – exactly who’s story should you believe then?

        The evidence gathered for my conviction?
        Or my “story” that I was never there?

        A persons reputation is everything. And my own reputation would be on the line in that very court.

  3. Barry says:

    If Jesus existed, the fact that he retold the Noah flood story doesn’t make him a liar any more than I am by retelling stories from Greek, Norse, Maori or Japanese mythology, or from Aesop’s fables to my grandchildren. I guess that unlike me, he might have believed the stories to be factual. That doesn’t make him a liar. Stories are a method of transferring morals and social values from one generation to the next.

    Whether one is religious or not, I believe the error on both sides is thinking the bible should be read literally.

    • Cerberus says:

      Please, re-read the book as it dictates that it is the word of your sky daddy. Please.

      • Barry says:

        I don’t have a sky daddy. I don’t have any evidence that god exists.

        I presume the book you are referring to is the bible. I’ll ignore the fact that it is a collection of books written by multiple authors over a long period of time, but as it was written by men, it has no more authority than any other book. I don’t understand why you believe I should interpret it literally.

        Going back to my original comment: If someone retells a story they believe to be true, that someone is not a liar if the story turns out to be false. They would be a liar only if they continued to retell the story as being true, or failed to let it be known that they had been mistaken.

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