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A Fairly Good Logical Argument for the Historical Jesus (by an Agnostic Professor)

When it comes to the historical Jesus—the question, did Jesus exist?—I’ve always been a skeptic. Although historians almost universally agree that he did exist, I’m a little more cautious about this question because there’s zero extra biblical evidence contemporary to the … Continue reading

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Jesus was a liar and a bad teacher

It’s difficult to accept that — even in the twenty-first century — there are people out there who still believe the Noah Flood Myth actually took place. We have a lot of tools at our disposal to debunk the claims of … Continue reading

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How does the bible end? Jesus is revealed to be Satan

The book of Revelation. It is almost as well known as Genesis. It’s the strangest book in the bible. It’s actually the funnest to read. It’s more like an action flick than any of the other books of Christian-Islam text. … Continue reading

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