Do atheists exist?

We all read the article in Science 2.0 that said “Atheists might not exist.” I went to the sources and found that the author cited op eds instead of actual scientific research. So I did some digging on my own and found what the latest scientific literature says about atheism.


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6 Responses to Do atheists exist?

  1. To the atheist, any scientific findings that debunk atheism are either editorial opinion or religion.

    Atheism is a postmodern social-political agenda based on leftist dogma.

    And though atheists try and pilfer authority from science, atheism is actually anti-science.

    • Roger Wilco | humanisthuman says:

      Hey som,

      Happy god day.

      Definition of bigot.

      a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      Watch the video. If you had, you would see that the latest scientific research has shown that atheists respond to the idea of god in the tests performed. This video is an explicit act of intellectual honesty. If you had watched the video, you wouldn’t be condemning it. You might instead use this video and the study as a weapon against atheists.

  2. Roger Wilco | humanisthuman says:

    Much like dinosaur petting zoos, I see this as a reach. There’s an unsettling compulsion among some faithful to jump at, or create, every possible construct to discredit science, atheists, and indeed rational thought itself.

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      Maybe I could’ve discussed their conclusion more. They were pretty humble about the limits of their research and the problems. You can read the whole study. I linked a free copy of it in the video. In the end the researchers basically said, “Well, here’s our study, but we totally dropped the ball on collecting valid data. So take this with a grain of salt.”

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