New ISIS Flag Design Unveiled

Corrected ISIS Flag

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14 Responses to New ISIS Flag Design Unveiled

  1. PAUL says:


  2. All powerful Allah says:

    I nominate you for the nobel prize for flag design.

  3. tamar says:

    Though you removed the sign it is still quite offensive. Just saying, I’m not even a follower of Islam and I found that greatly offensive.

    • All powerful Allah says:

      Big deal. I find everything about Islam to be far more offensive, including the supposedly decent “moderate Islam”. Tough. Anyway the good news is that Islam is going rapidly down the drain as a websearch can make clear or this vid and numerous linked to it.

      Bon appetit!

      • Sacier says:

        May i point out that there are no ‘peaceful’ religions? I may sound cynical when I say this, but Islam and Christianity both killed and murdered in their own forms. Furthermore, arguments about the bible being more pure, holier, etc. Remember that it was created 3 centuries after Jesus Christ – the stories were compiled and decided on by a church, after a shit ton of editing.
        Also, this woman has a very warped perception if Islam, and so do you.
        Furthermore, most of these Islam-based terrorist groups are made up less of people who want to kill Christians and more of those trying to get back at the west for fucking them over.
        Check out this article:
        While I do not condone ISIS or any of these terrorist groups – I hate them as much as, if not more than, most people I sympathize with the plight of the fighters. The US has been installing puppet governments, invading Arab countries and even CREATING them in the case of Saudi Arabia for almost a century.
        Arabs congregate around the flag of Islam because it unites us – the prophet, whether you believe in God or Islam or any religion, was trying to unify the race of Arabs. He brought all these disparate tribes and societies, often through force but equally as often through persuasion to become one under the eyes of God.
        It only makes sense that when we are under attack, when we need unity and strength, that we flock back to that banner.

      • All powerful Allah says:

        >”May i point out that there are no ‘peaceful’ religions?”

        You can’t “point that out” because it is untrue. Islam was founded by a mass-murdering thug. None of the other main religions were.

        >”I may sound cynical when I say this, but Islam and Christianity both killed and murdered in their own forms.”

        No, you just sound off your profound ignorance and over-presumption. I recommend you stop writing about things you haven’t bothered to study first. The teachings of Christ were utterly, explicitly opposed to killing anyone. It was only after 300 years of non-violent Christians being persecuted that Emperor Constantine decided to “become” a “christian” and invented a militarised “christianity” in perversion of the genuine original nature of Christianity. Islam by contrast was a cult of a war-mongerer from the very beginning.

      • Sacier says:

        I’m sorry if my facts about Christianity are wrong. But my point is more to do with the fact that what is going on is now is NOT a religious war. Most Arabs are trying to fight back against the West, specifically the US for trying to control us.
        Also, smart comments really weaken your arguments. The make it seem like you’ve run out of any factual basis for your arguments that you have to resort to petty insults.

      • All powerful Allah says:

        Sound understanding of this field is made difficult by the constant propaganda lies presented by media and government and the “education” system which has been brainwashing young people for some years. Misinfo about Christianity is one part of that. Gigantic mis-info about the history of Jihad is another.

        More than half the content of the quran is taken up with hating and inciting violence against disbelievers. People who tell the truth about Islam are persecuted in the West – this includes anti-islam Tommy Robinson of the EDL, and ISIS-supporting Anjem Choudry who is currently imprisoned for just saying what his “prophet” tells him.

        Terrorising Jihad was started by the “prophet” himself, as is recorded in many verses of the Islamic “holy” book (believed by Muslims to be the perfect words of god himself). Just one example 59:2-7 gloat about this “prophet” terrorising the Bani-Nadir Jewish community just because their esteemed poet made a joke about that “prophet”. (Sound familiar hey?).

        This video gives some idea of Jihad history though it misses out the huge devastation of India, and slave raids against the Slavs (from whence the word “slave”).

        A fuller account of the same here:
        The Roma people in Europe are descendants of the millions of slaves hauled out of India by the Jihadists. The Hindu Kush (=Hindu Slaughter) mountains are named from the many victims who did not survive the harsh journey across the mountains.

        (PS – Thanks for your comments on my stylistics – it can be difficult to judge how things look to others’s eyes.)

  4. All powerful Allah says:

    You forgot to mention that islam is so backwards that they even have their writing backwards, such that as you write it it disappears under your hand whereas just about every other culture has the more sensible direction so you can see what you’re doing.

    • Sacier says:

      Islam is a religion. Arabic is the language of Arabs, and is written right to left. Along with most African scripts. Get your facts straight.

      • All powerful Allah says:

        What you’ve said there is true, but not relevant.
        What is relevant is that Arabic is/was the only language in which “Allah” wrote his “perfect” quran. And just about all Muslims spend much time in learning Arabic as supposedly getting them closer to understanding the supposed wisdom of what they seem to think they believe.

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  6. Miles Riley says:

    Hi thanks for posting tthis

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