Bible Contradictions #54: How many false prophets are there?

Bible Contradiction 54

I haven’t posted a bible contradiction in a long time. Long story short, I never backed up my .psd files for the images, and after I suffered a loss of data I grew lazy about creating a new template. But here it is in a very simple form.

Today’s bible contradiction stems from an earlier blog post I made back in March. I alluded to the contradiction at the end of the post but quickly forgot about it until someone brought it to my attention. This one asks the question, “How many false prophets are there?”

First I will ask everyone to open their bibles to the far back, all the way to Revelation 20:10. In this verse, taken from a short story called “Satan’s Doom,” we discover the devil’s immortal body heaped upon the burning immortal corpses of “the beast,” whatever that is, and the false prophet.* Not prophets with an “s,” but prophet, singular.

But if we turn back to the first book of the Gospels, we are given a different answer. Matthew 24:24 tells us that many false prophets (with an “s,” plural) will do a bunch of evil things… like prank politicians. In other words there are (or will be, really) more than one false prophet.

(EDIT: I should note here, as it’s been brought to my attention that I didn’t mention it, both of these stories talk about the same future event: the end of days just prior to the second coming.)

Of course it’s all made up. There’s no such thing as a false prophet as used in the religious context. In reality false prophets only exist in Hyrule when the player gives up and Link fails to defeat Ganon.

*Of interest here is also that “the devil who had deceived them” is differentiated from the false prophet. Usually religious apologists lump them together as one, which could make for yet another bible contradiction, depending on the verse they use.

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5 Responses to Bible Contradictions #54: How many false prophets are there?

  1. Since what is being communicated in Revelation has no connection to what is being communicated in Matthew, no rational comparison can be made.

    This post is further proof that to be an atheist means completely forsaking rational thought.

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      If you read the verses in context you’ll find that they both talk about the same story: the “end of the age” before Jesus returns. They are clearly linked.

      • Zehn,

        The “end times” are probably the most mysterious references in the New Testament.

        Even the greatest Bible scholars fear to tread in the Book of Revelations.

        But leave it to the atheist to interpret the Bible for all of mankind.

  2. All prophets are false, by definition. Prophets claim to speak for God. There is no God…. ergo….

  3. The false prophet of Revelation is a specific person that works in collusion with the Beast during the time of Satan’s spiritual kingdom of the world known as The Great Tribulation. That time is not yet. A fasle prophet is a generic term that can be attached to anyone that preaches another gospel message (Galatians 1) such as Joseph Smith. There were false prophets in the Old Testament as well, which Peter speaks of in his second epistle. There’s no contradiction here, just a lack of Bible knowledge. I’d like to see your other 53 supposed Bible contradictions. I imagine they’re all easily explained. You can find me, if you should choose, at

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