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Moses’ Invisible Pen: How the Pentateuch Destroyed Any Hope of Faith

In the early years of Rayan, I steadfastly rejected religious claims, but for the most part I did so silently. It’s not that I had complaints about the telephone game, extraordinary claims, or even the utter implausibility of the stories … Continue reading

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Should Social Expectations Follow Naturally from Anyone’s Beliefs?

I’m vegan. I chose this lifestyle for personal, moral reasons. Living a life that causes the least amount of harm as possible is the only way I know to live. I gave up animal products on August 1, 2007, and I never … Continue reading

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Casting off god in the name of faith: Should more believers leave their religions to search for truth?

Late last year we heard about the pastor who was taking a break from god, trying out atheism for 365 days to see what it has to offer. Ryan J. Bell’s decision sparked a few controversies: From his church (who … Continue reading

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