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Everything you ever wanted to know about menstrual cycles (according to Islam)

I’m going to make a short post today because I have a meeting in an hour. Yesterday I was doing some reading in the hadith, and I came across an entire section devoted to the menstrual cycle. Many of these … Continue reading

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Contradictions in the Hadith #3: Ablution?

Ablution, also called Wudu, is Islamic ritualistic purification by washing oneself with water. This must be performed prior to praying or even handling the Quran. Allah apparently can’t hear your prayers if you have a little grit under your fingernails … Continue reading

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Contradictions in the Hadith #2: Selling gold for silver?

Can we trade gold for silver? If we listen to the Prophet Muhammad we won’t know what to do. First, Momo tells us clearly that we must trade gold for gold, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of capitalism. … Continue reading

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Contradictions in the Hadith: Evil Omens?

The Quran is not the only textual authority in Islam. There also exist the hadith, a collection Muhammad’s sayings. Here I present to you two of these that contradict one another. That is, do evil omens exist? Thankfully, the Center … Continue reading

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Husband beats wife to death, plays recording of Quran in the background

Because I used to live in Beirut, I tend to keep up with the news coming out of Lebanon. Last week I came across this article about a man in the Beirut neighborhood of Al-Tariq al-Jadideh¬†who beat his wife to … Continue reading

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