Everything you ever wanted to know about menstrual cycles (according to Islam)

I’m going to make a short post today because I have a meeting in an hour. Yesterday I was doing some reading in the hadith, and I came across an entire section devoted to the menstrual cycle. Many of these are narrated by Aisha (or are about her). Note that the sexuality between Aisha and Muhammad doesn’t necessarily imply that the “prophet” was engaged in pedophilia. She very well could’ve been referencing a time when she was a fully grown adult. But still, these are pretty hilarious. Case in point:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

While in menses, I used to comb the hair of Allah’s Apostle .

Another one:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

Whenever anyone of us got her menses, she, on becoming clean, used to take hold of the blood spot and rub the blood off her garment, and pour water over it and wash that portion thoroughly and sprinkle water over the rest of the garment. After that she would pray in (with) it.

Read at your leisure.

Menstrual Periods


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