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ISIS vs. Isis: The Rare Case for Political Correctness

I read this article on the Daily Mail a few days ago, and while it didn’t immediately sink in, an obvious thought resonated in my brain as I pondered the article more fully. In the article an Arizona couple struggled to … Continue reading

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The Islamic State and the Obsolescence of Terrorism (SS#16)

When terrorism enters the repertoire of contention, it does so attached to a socially ticking clock. As is often the case, the clock begins its countdown well before newly emerging terror groups begin their bloody campaigns. The Islamic State (IS) … Continue reading

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Will the Islamic State Succeed?

This is a question I’ll be attempting to answer tomorrow. The Islamic State appears to have a lot of small and immediate victories under its belt, thanks to its willingness to use terror as its primary—if not only—weapon. In order … Continue reading

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The Is-Ought Dilemma: And How a Young Suicide Bomber Learned Nothing

All we can talk about today is the reported suicide attack in Iraq by Australian teen and convert to Islam, Jake Bilardi. Jake defected from his home country and middle class Melbourne family to join the Islamic State (IS) with dreams … Continue reading

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The Islamic State through Three Waltzian Lenses: An Analysis in IR Theory

In 1959 heavy-hitting, contemporary political scientist Kenneth Waltz published Man, the State, and War, a required reading for both undergraduate and graduate students in international politics. It’s often the fist book students of politics read because it gives them an … Continue reading

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ISIS Shows Christians What True Persecution Is

ISIS is great at making terrible and extremely graphic and overproduced propaganda films. In the latest piece to cross my desk, an ISIS branch in Libya parades 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian men onto a beach in Northern Libya. The orange … Continue reading

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A Brief Analysis of the ISIS Problem Post-Burning Video

“ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive” has been a major headline in the news during the last two days. It’s such a major story that the news articles of the Jordanian executions of Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziad al-Karbouli have been swallowed by … Continue reading

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New ISIS Flag Design Unveiled

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Dear ISIS: Without math there is no future in science

A few days ago I stumbled across this article from Inquisitr: “ISIS Bans Children From Learning Math And Social Studies.” Essentially, the Islamic State is saying that they are willing to sacrifice their children’s future in order to live up … Continue reading

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An open letter to atheists, Christians, and Muslims about working together to condemn ISIS

My criticism of religion must take a back seat for a moment. Lately I’ve been writing a lot more about ISIS — and with good cause. The Islamic State is the perfect example of what happens when religion goes horribly … Continue reading

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