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Natural Selection and Computer Programs Appearing Simply by Chance

Last night this article by the Friendly Atheist came across my Twitter feed, discussing a Jehovah’s Witness Youtube video where scientist and JW¬†Yaroslav Dovhanych argues that evolution is a myth. I’m not going to get into the details of his … Continue reading

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My Friend’s Mother Almost Escaped a Cult

I’m still friends with my high school sweetheart. She’s now a mother to a school-aged child. We live in different parts of the US, but we still chat online about animals, vegetarianism, movies, and religion. When we were dating her … Continue reading

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Why I’m anti-theist and not merely atheist

People become anti-theist for a reason. Through observation and experience, atheists sometimes cease being merely non-believers and take it upon themselves to criticize and condemn religion, particularly religious practices. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I’ve been atheist all my life, … Continue reading

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