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Natural Selection and Computer Programs Appearing Simply by Chance

Last night this article by the Friendly Atheist came across my Twitter feed, discussing a Jehovah’s Witness Youtube video where scientist and JW¬†Yaroslav Dovhanych argues that evolution is a myth. I’m not going to get into the details of his … Continue reading

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Teaching Evolution and Moral Panic (SS#5)

In today’s episode of Science Sunday, I will be discussing a rather dated article from¬†Sociological Viewpoints, Fall 2005, titled “The Quasi-Theory of Godlessness in America: Implications of Opposition to Evolution for Sociological Theory.” As a general rule for SS I … Continue reading

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The most important source in the evolution/creation debate: Peer-reviewed evidence of speciation

In the evolution/creation “debate” (it’s not much of a debate if you ask me) a common fallacious talking point among creationists/intelligent design advocates is that no one has ever observed one species turning into another species, a process called speciation. … Continue reading

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You cannot be a believer in the God of Abraham if you accept evolution

I’ve heard the following argument a million times. It’s so ingrained in human thought that I can’t even remember from where it originated. The argument is as follows: If evolution is true, then Adam and Eve did not exist If … Continue reading

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My Muslim friend on evolution: “What’s evolution?”

Many who’ve read my blog might be surprised to discover that I live with two ultra religious Muslims. One hails from Afghanistan and is pursuing his undergraduate studies, and the other comes from Algeria, where he received a M.S. in … Continue reading

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The devil is in the details: Why some Christians reject empirical evidence

This post is to help non-believers understand why some Christians reject empirical evidence. Most Christians accept the evidence for evolution, genomes, cosmology, germs, and the big bang, etc. Most Christians divorce their faith from the physical universe. Most Christians are … Continue reading

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