The Prophet Muhammad was a raging sociopath

Yesterday I watched the latest video by Jaclyn Glenn titled “Atheist vs Muslim.” I’m not going to get into the content of the video. If you’re interested, click the link I’ve provided. In the description of the video, Jaclyn provides the following link, a list showing the murders ordered by Muhammad. The list is fairly long. The number of deaths attributed to Muhammad alone should speak about the moral character of the alleged prophet. But when you actually get down to reading why he ordered these killings, it is clear that the Prophet Muhammad was a raging sociopath, on par with Joseph Stalin or Saddam Hussein. Some of these killings come straight from the Quran. Let’s examine some of these murders.

Muhammad signed thirteen death warrants for doing nothing more than writing or reciting poetry that criticized Muhammad. Not all of the condemned were assassinated, however. The few who survived were only allowed to live because they converted to Islam. To me, this sounds like a pretty insecure guy who kills anyone who calls out his bullshit. The only thing that can save you is to pray five times a day!

Next on the chopping block is Al-Harith bin Suwayd al-Ansari, who lost his head merely for leaving Islam. What is interesting about this is that Muhammad forgave Al-Harith, before changing his mind and ordering the hit. I know that execution is common for the crime of apostasy in Islam, but name me any other religion that, in modern days, still supports the killing of people who leave their faith. In the 21st century this seems to be entirely the domain of Islam.

Two years later Muhammad ordered a group of Muslims to gun down (figuratively speaking, of course) three people. Their only crime? They worshipped multiple gods.

In a horrific display of depravity, between February and March 627, Mohammad and his posse slaughtered all the men of the Banu Qurayza tribe (between 600-900 people). Then they took as slaves all the children and women and divided the land and property amongst themselves. What crimes did the people of the Banu Qurayza tribe commit? None. Muhammad committed this act of genocide strictly because the angel Gabriel told him to.

Later that year Muhammad ordered the assassination of Abdullah ibn Ubayy, but quickly changed his mind because Abdullah had a large following of his own (and probably didn’t want to get 86’ed himself).

In January 630 Muhammad ordered the execution of Sarah because she used to touch his willy in Mecca.

That October he called for the death of the King (or Prince?) of Dumatul Jandal solely to steal his treasures.

He ordered a blind man to kill his wife for insulting him. The blind man obeyed.

Ibn Sunayna was killed because Muhammad ordered his followers to “kill any Jew that falls into your power.” A Muslim heard this and complied. I wonder if Muslims still listen to this credo.

He commanded his followers to kill a man from the Aslam tribe because that man committed adultery. We still see this today in the Muslim world.

Finally on the list, Muhammad called for the assassination of Kinana ibn al-Rabi because Kinana had hidden treasure, and Muhammad wanted it. I can only imagine an It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-esque plot unfolding once Muhammad secured the location of said buried treasure!

The “Prophet” Muhammad committed acts of terror and genocide so vile that, if he had committed them today, he would be one of the most hated and wanted men alive. As I’ve written before, Islam is a dangerous religion, perhaps the most dangerous religion out there today. Unfortunately, the behavior of its prophet offers it no hope for salvation. Muhammad was a sociopathic madman, intent on wiping out entire cities and raping its women, murdering anyone who questions him, and murdering people for monetary gain, a la The Professional, only with an equally murderous boss, Allah.

Why couldn’t Allah pick someone a little more level-headed to whom to reveal himself? Maybe it’s because it took someone so bat shit crazy to carry out Allah’s will. Or maybe Muhammad just made the whole thing up!

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