Bible Contradictions #22: After resurrection, how many disciples did Jesus reveal himself to?

Bible contradictions 22

The appearance of Jesus to his disciples following his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection appears several places in the bible. Not surprisingly, the stories given by the various accounts are way different, all the way down to how many people were there.

1 Corinthians 15 is the first version. All twelve disciples (including the dead one) are in attendance when Jesus swings by. Matthew 28:16-17 is more on point, taking the obviously dead Judas out of the audience, leaving eleven disciples to greet the risen Jesus. John 20:24 gets rid of Thomas, leaving only ten.

So which is it? Ten, eleven, or the impossible twelve? You might hear some Christian apologists say that these were three different appearances. They might stand by this because in each story Jesus does different things (like teaching them how to evangelize and baptize people). But that’s rubbish. If there were three different appearances, all three books would probably go out of their way to mention that. Instead, they all act as if they are talking about the only appearance of Jesus.

This contradiction also appears in my video:

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