Bible Contradictions #26: Who does god respect?

Bible contradictions 26

Respect. Sometimes you gotta give it in order to receive it, unless you’re in the military. Then you just give it. But when it comes to whether or not god can respect you, the bible is quite dubious.

First let’s take Psalm 138:6. Here we see that god can indeed respect you, that is, if you meet the criterion of being a lowly person. In order, the bible shows god respecting Abel, god respecting the children of Israel, god again respecting the Israelites, and god respecting the Israelites a third time. Therefore, god respects two sets of people. One is the Abels, and the other is the Israelis. But maybe there is still hope for the rest of us?

Nope. The bible is at it again with its contradictions. We can start with Romans 2:11. Here we see that god does not respect people. Period. Going in order through the rest of the bible, we can see that god has no respect for anyone. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. And here.

Geez, god!

Anyway, I’ve heard many Christian apologists try to skirt around the contradiction by scrutinizing the verses that show god to be disrespectful. In the end they believe these offending verses mean something else entirely. This leaves them with the assumption that god does indeed respect people.

It’s funny. They never try to scrutinize the verses that they like (i.e. those that suggest that god does respect them.) Why do they accept one literal translation over the other?

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8 Responses to Bible Contradictions #26: Who does god respect?

  1. Here is an authentic translation of Romans 2:11:

    “10 there will be glory and honour and peace for everyone who has done good, the Jew in the first instance, but the Gentile too. 11 There are no human preferences with God.”

    This verse is consistent with 2500 years of our Western Heritage which replaced biased atheistic and pagan thinking with systematic, logic-based thinking.

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      Thank you for proving my point. Additionally, if you want to criticize this post adequately, there are seven more verses to go through on the god-respects-us position.

    • Cerberus Black says:

      Ha! He doesn’t understand! Why am I not surprised! LMAO!

      Silence, do you believe in any other gods at all?

  2. Cerberus Black says:

    Why do they eccept one translation over that of the other?

    Because they would have to then except that their god represents the personification of evil, and they just cannot except that truth.

  3. Cerberus Black says:

    Why do they eccept one translation over that of the other?

    Because they would have to then except that their god represents the personification of evil, and they just cannot except that simple truth.

  4. Peter Mann says:

    Who does God respect ? Excellent question. Answer = not even himself.
    Delightful portrait of our “loving father” ; the spirit behind the contradictions is superbly unMasked.

    Contradictions have 2 sources : 1 is a broken intellect and 2 a thief operating by deceit.
    One might consider the impact on the faculty of Reason,
    of being intimidated into believing contradictions are a divine mystery
    instead of cracks in the camouflage of a predator.
    No wonder the religious cannot think straight or hold to logical conclusions ;
    the creature to whom they grovel like beggars has injured their minds.

    Self respect is conditional on maintaining mental & moral integrity.
    Those who cheat by deception implicitly admit their inferiority ;
    theft declares they cannot pay their way by constructive contribution.
    Since the selfdeclared “creators” are both contradictory and unAccountable,
    it follows that they have forsaken selfrespect for expedience.

    To this heretic, it is selfevident that Baal/Jehovah/Jesus/Allah does not respect us.
    Quite the opposite : “He” strategically undermines our self respect
    with our eternal debt for Adam’s original sin,
    doctrinally wrongfooting us from cradle to grave.

    But the original sin was to discern twixt good & evil :
    so, who benefits from this sinister prohibition ?
    Not a kind and faithful father, that’s for sure.

    Jesus gave a big clue by his metaphor for the lovers of God . . . as sheep [ever tried dialogue with a sheep ?]
    Our Farmer, who art in Heaven. As Jesus would say, “Lamb for dinner again, Papa”.
    Few farmers respect domesticated livestock beyond the bottomline value for food or commerce.

    Seeing the Abrahamic dictator as a predatory farmer of domesticated & selectivelyStupified primates makes sense of a lot of otherwiseObtuse doctrine.

    For example : the story of Babel = putting us in our place by disrupting innovation & collaboration.
    Who benefits from confusion and weakness ? => a weakling pretending to be strong.

    The dynamic of Babel tells us what kind of predator has infiltrated our thinking : a parasite.
    Camouflage, weakness, prescribing slaughter rituals parallel to ceremonial blood sacrifice.
    Socialising software that demands unthinking compliance.

    A powerful predator has no need of such pious subterfuge ;
    they take what they want directly.

    These parasites demand obedience . . .
    because they cannot directly overpower a healthy human.
    They NEED livestock that do not fight back,
    and ensure mass docility by having their stooges enslave {jail} or kill freeThinker misfits.
    There is no place for respect in such a lifestyle.

  5. Karsten Mok says:

    You have this MAJOR PROBLEM >> 1 Corinthians 2:14-3:9 KJV But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ.

  6. Lou M says:

    Just the fact that god Choses one over the other. One to bless and one to curse is all the proof you need that he is a respecter of persons/ case in point, God chose to bless an unborn baby named Jacob and curse a baby named Esau. Neither could commit sin while in the womb over the other but christians today love to twist up scripture to fit the mold in their minds about God hating Esau as if it is not a legitimate Hate, They Love to say You’re either reading it out of context or it was the because it was written in the greek or it was this or it was that….Always an excuse to excuse the truth. That God’s Hate is Hate like God’s Love is Love but don’t dare question God’s Love, that is never questioned…signs of narrow brain washed minds indeed.

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