Introducing the Silence of Mind Award

In keeping with the tradition of Potholer54‘s Golden Crocoduck Award, I’m suggesting a brand new award for the blogosphere. The Silence of Mind Award (The SOMA) will be awarded to blog commenters who make outlandish, unintelligible, and unscientific claims to support a theistic position. Silenceofmind is not eligible to receive this award due to the fact that it wouldn’t be fair to give it to the person it’s named after. Everyone else is fair game.

Rules for candidate submission:

  • The candidate must make a ridiculous comment on the Internet bastardizing science in the name of a religion.
  • Take a screenshot of the ridiculous comment (make sure a name is provided).
  • E-mail the image in jpg form to theatheistpapers [AT] gmail [DOT] com.
  • I will post them on this blog and ask my readers to vote on them in a poll.
  • Votes will be publicly shared, and the winner will receive a certificate bearing Silenceofmind’s name that they can post on their website.
  • They will also be directed to Wikipedia’s article explaining the scientific method and links to any other article explaining what science actually says about that topic.

Here are some examples of crazy statements:




And don’t forget my personal favorite:


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17 Responses to Introducing the Silence of Mind Award

  1. SOMA do and SOMA don’t.

    But thanks just the same.

  2. BlkAmAth says:

    silenceofmind has recently brought his BS to my blog. I guess he’s in the practice of blog hopping, dropping his “gems” all over the place…

  3. SoM is very likely just another atheist troll, so please don’t support him.

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  5. Atheists believe that evolution is supported by evidence, making them all apes. Therefore, the movie The Planet of the Apes is REALLY a metaphor for atheists taking over the world, as foretold in the great book of revelation!

    Snapshot that. I deserve the first SoM award.

    • Roger Wilco | humanisthuman says:

      Daaamn, I like that. Do we gather in Sundays and watch Pinky and the Brain during or strategy sessions?

      I would like to suggest a logo giving proper attribution to the master of taking over the world.

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  7. Roger Wilco | humanisthuman says:

    Reblogged this on humanist human being and commented:
    Snap your favor whackos and send them in.

  8. Excellent. I’m sure I’ll be sending you some nominations soon 😉

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