Capitalizing “He” makes a mockery of the english language (or Two can play At that game)

When reading through blogs or Internet article comments, I must admit that I cringe every time I see religious people capitalize “He,” “Him,” or “His,” etc. to refer to god. It’s one thing to capitalize the “G” in god, even though that’s quite absurd because the word “god” is not a proper noun. But to capitalize pronouns and determiners is an attempt to use them as if they are proper nouns, and that makes a mockery of the english language. I can sort of understand wanting to promote nouns to proper nouns, but a determiner?! Come on!! So if that’s the game we are going to play, I suggest we nonbelievers write some satirical posts where we capitalize prepositions (we can also include infinitive markers and adverbs too for added flavor).

Here’s a list of english prepositions for you.

It might seem absurd, but it’s not more absurd than capitalizing a determiner (which robs the determiner of its determination). Here’s how it might look:

“Religious people annoy the fuck Out Of me With their attempts To bastardize english grammar In order To suit their stylistic wants.”

Note: This only applies in english. In some languages, such as German, all nouns are capitalized, which actually makes a lot more sense than the english lower case method.

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14 Responses to Capitalizing “He” makes a mockery of the english language (or Two can play At that game)

  1. In proper English, proper nouns are capitalized.

    The President.

    John Smith.

    The Atheist Papers. Or, as it is written in this very blog as a primal scream, THE ATHEIST PAPERS.

    Since God is a person to the Christians and the Jews, His name is a proper noun.

    But the real name of God was never written down and so was lost to the sands of time.

    God. Jesus. Yahweh, I AM, are ways of naming God.

    And because He is Creator and father, the pronouns He or His or Him are also capitalized.

    Consequently, in order not to be a bigot and a hypocrite, the atheist must cease capitalizing his own name and write the name of his blog in all small letters as if were the gentle passing of wind through is fecally encrusted anus instead of a primal scream.

  2. charles says:

    I think it is polite to capitalize He in many situations so as to not unnecessarily offend. Usually, there is some other point you want to make, so why not help the reader focus on the main point?

    SOM is a perfect counter-example. Somewhere in his reply there is something I agree with, but he has surrounded it with so much that is worded to offend, that I almost want to scream. But I will not give him the satisfaction.

    See? I could have just made my point and SOM even might have agreed with me. But I went out of my way to criticize him, so now he probably is having a harder time agreeing with me.

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      I really do cringe when I see determiners (especially) capitalized, but I did tag this post with satire.

      • charles says:

        Oops. Not only did I feed the troll, I did it under a common misunderstanding. Kind of makes me feel dirty.

        Thx for your patience!

    • Charles,

      One of the great attributes of your rank and file, average Muslim is that they are intensely offended when someone disrespects Allah or the Prophet.

      That goes for me too, when someone disrespects the Creator.

      Christians and other civilized people of reason have sat by for far too long being tolerant of the rank ignorance, hypocrisy and bigotry demonstrated by those atheists who chose to incessantly attack God.

      Meanwhile, our civil society has been decimated and is falling into ruin.

      So please employ a Christian value and forgive me for comparing the utter trash expressed in this post with the passing of aromatic anal atheist wind.

      • charles says:

        God, if You exist, please forgive SOM, for he knows not what he is doing to Your cause.

        Your use of the word hypocrisy is stunning.

      • Charles,

        You just prayed to a God you don’t believe in, using a quote from Jesus who’s Christianity is the butt of atheist ire, for a person who you think is helping the atheist cause.

        What does that spell?


        Your atheist idiocy is an offense to reason and exemplifies the atheist trying to make stupid sound intelligent.

      • charles says:

        Just keep writing, SOM.

        I really don’t hate you. You just utterly confuse me. You are highly provoking, and I occasionally take the bait, to my shame. You don’t respond to reason, so I tried sarcasm.

      • Charles,

        You and your atheist brethren deserve frequent, vociferous and pointed rebukes because you habitually peddle stupidity to a society in desperate need of wisdom.

        You can’t argue a point. You can only offer abuse.

        And when your uncivilized methods are turned back on you, you start bleating how offended you are.

        You’re like children except that you occupy our schools, our science, our politics, and our media.

        Nevertheless, I’m one adult who has chosen to go after the errant children and spend some time teaching them right from wrong.

      • charles says:

        Just keep writing SOM. Your hypocrisy is blatantly obvious to everyone except, apparently, yourself. You seriously have to learn to accept feedback.

        What you call “abuse”, in my case, is my admittedly childish response to your incessant provocation. I see your comments on numerous sites. They (almost) always sound the same, and they are (almost) always provoking and irrational. They are (almost always) impossible to answer, not because they are coherent, but because they are complete nonsense. I am exaggerating a bit. You do make some good points at times, but they are couched within lots of nonsense and what comes across as hatred.

        You act exactly opposite of what I understand the New Testament to be encouraging, giving atheists more reasons to not be interested in God. That is exactly the opposite of what it seems you want. That was the point of my sarcastic prayer.

        I go out of my way on my site, and in my comments on other sites, to be reasonable, admit when I am wrong, and to give credit to good arguments. I’m not perfect, of course. For a while now I have made it a point to not respond to any of your comments. I feel ashamed of myself for making any reference to you in my response to this post. But, just as you feel obligated to call out what you feel is unfair treatment of Christians by atheists, I feel obligated to call you out for your behavior. You are, by far, the worst example of a troll I have come across in my admittedly short time having an online presence.

        My intent here is not to insult you. The problem is that you do not seem to take any kind of hint that you are behaving badly. You force people to either ignore you or give you strongly worded feedback, which you then interpret as “abuse.” If you actually took kindly worded hints, you would not get so many strongly worded responses.

        I want to write, “I honestly don’t know why I am trying to interact with you.” but that seems like such a mean thing to say. But I wrote it anyway, because I want to communicate to you that I simultaneously (a) do not hate you, (b) wish you all the best in life, (c) want you to have complete freedom so say whatever you want, and (d) want you to understand why so many people have a negative opinion of you.

        Can you possibly, maybe, perhaps, occasionally, try, attempt, to believe that I honestly bear you no ill-will, that I am not intentionally saying anything irrational, and that any progress in helping atheists understand whatever good points you might want to make will only come if you behave civilly. Even if you find atheists who behave uncivilly towards you.

        You wrote, “And when your uncivilized methods are turned back on you, you start bleating how offended you are.”
        It is not primarily that I am offended. I am floored by your hypocrisy. You admit that abusing others is uncivilized, and then you do it in retaliation. Not only that, but you misunderstand attempts at helpful feedback regarding your behavior as abuse.

        Please, please, please just stop. Look in the mirror. I, and the atheists I interact with online, try to do just that, all the time. Our reaction to you is simply amazement at your inability to accept feedback, and your absolutely blind hypocrisy.

        You wrote, “You can’t argue a point. You can only offer abuse.”
        I really have no idea how to talk to you. I think I have demonstrated elsewhere that I am able to argue a point, and I am able to admit when I am wrong.

        I admit that in this particular conversation I reacted childishly to your initial comment. I was being passive-aggressive, which is not healthy. My reason for acting that way was a feeling of frustration regarding the way you comment, both in this post and in many others. You are free to write whatever you want. And others are free to react. Given the consistency of the reactions to you, perhaps you need to stop and think what is really going on, and that your perception of who is to blame might be off a bit.

        Take this entire conversation and show it to a priest you respect. Ask them what their impression of this interaction is. Do the same with a random sample of your online conversations. If you don’t respect me, get feedback from someone you do respect. Please. You need help.

        Since it is difficult to communicate tone here, I am going to spell it out. My tone in writing this is supposed to be warmth, respect, kindness, love. I regret that I have not been nice enough to earn your respect in my prior interactions with you, and that might hinder you from hearing what I have to say now. Please take this the way I intend it, as kindness.

        If I was still a Christian, I would close with “your brother in Christ”. Instead, I will close with “your brother human.”

        Respectfully yours,

      • Charles,

        Your loquacious spewing tirade of self-agrandizing nonsense is exactly what I predicted your behavior to be.

        What does it spell when someone warns you about how you’re going to act and you do it anyway?


        The idiot doesn’t get to tell anyone else that they should receive feedback.

        I’ve been feeding back to you in a most direct manner and yet it has gone completely over your head.

        And don’t act like you’re addressing me with respect when you wouldn’t know respect if it crawled up your butt and bit down on a blood vein.

        The abuser always minimizes his psychotic abuse by calling it “humor” or “childish” and then blames the victim for being too sensitive and then proceeds lavish a guilt rip upon the victim.

        And since you are a psychotic abuser that is exactly what you did in your comments.

        If you can’t cobble together a coherent, civil and above all, brief thought, STFU.

      • charles says:

        OK then. Have a nice Saturday, SOM. In all sincerity, I wish you peace.

      • Charles,

        Apparently, my efforts paid off.

        The atheist Hun was finally able to express himself with some small measure of civility.

        May God bless you and keep you and grant your heart’s desire.

  3. I found a set of rules for English capitalization here. What is interesting is that one is supposed to capitalize a deity’s proper name, but there is no mention of whether or not one should capitalize pronouns referring to a deity.

    When I was a younger Sirius Bizinus, I was told that capitalizing “he,” “his,” “him,” etc. was proper when referring to the Christian God (or is that god…). Classical writings have capitalized anything referring to the Christian deity (or is that Deity…), and so I thought it was a real rule. I wonder if this has changed recently, or if it has been proper for quite some time.

    I must say that I do capitalize “God” and all the pronouns because of habit and custom, and to me it helps me clarify whether I’m referring to a deity or just a regular person. Now that I am more familiar with these rules (the American ones, at least), I suppose that proper usage can either mean that I should capitalize pronouns for all deities, or I should stop capitalizing pronouns for all deities.

    Definitely food for thought!

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