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Stop with the Easter Jesus Zombie Jokes: Jesus Was Obviously a Werewolf

Easter is coming up, and with it our social media accounts will be flooded with generic “Jesus was a zombie” jokes. The first thousand times you see them, they might garner a mild chuckle, but after that they drift into … Continue reading

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Gearing up for war on Xmas: New weapon ensures victory

Because the War on Xmas is a very real war with bloodshed and civilian casualties on both sides, I’m beginning to feel that the only way for the Atheist Army to defeat the Christian God Warriors is to use disproportionately violent … Continue reading

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Church of “Spirits”: An alternative to sacramental wine

Holy communion is a method of contracting obligating promising oneself to follow some guy from 2,000 years ago. But the sharing of the chalice is potentially dangerous, especially for people who may or may not know their immune system is suppressed. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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Capitalizing “He” makes a mockery of the english language (or Two can play At that game)

When reading through blogs or Internet article comments, I must admit that I cringe every time I see religious people capitalize “He,” “Him,” or “His,” etc. to refer to god. It’s one thing to capitalize the “G” in god, even … Continue reading

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