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Reject Science, Beat Your Wife?

Given a situation where science contradicts religion, who is more likely to fall into the trap of cognitive dissonance and say, “Damn the science! Damn the evidence! My religion is true!”? There are a lot of variables that determine how … Continue reading

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When Merely Mentioning ISIS is Offensive

About six weeks ago I gave a presentation on ontological insecurity, cognitive dissonance, and prophetic violence carried out by the Islamic State. It was an informal setting; several pizzas adorned a round table, and the audience had as much talking … Continue reading

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Reform without Authority?

One of the problems—if you will—with Islam and why it is so difficult to reform is its lack of a central authority. Their prophet long dead and the Ottoman Caliphate long defunct, in the intervening years the closest we’ve come … Continue reading

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Clashes, Sex, and Cognitive Dissonance

Later this month I’m giving two public presentations (one at a conference and one in a small, 10-person room) about a paper I’ve been working on for about six months (it gets moved around the burners depending on my workload). … Continue reading

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My Edited Islamic State Flag Is Now More Popular than Allah Himself

Shortly after last month’s terror attacks in Paris, I noticed a massive surge in views on my page. Beginning on 14 November until the present my post New Isis Flag Unveiled has been the most popular article on this site, sometimes by … Continue reading

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A Quick Quote from a Research Project I’m Working On

One of the main projects I’m tasked with this semester is to empirically analyze Islam in contemporary Europe since March 11, 2004. To do this I’m using World Values Survey data. Doing this as someone who is biased against Islam is … Continue reading

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The Islamic State Blows Up Sand: Time to Pull Out the Jokes

As many of you know, the Islamic State has resorted to destroying ancient architecture in Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apparently buildings that predate their prophet are offensive. So, in addition to murdering innocent civilians for not following the … Continue reading

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