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Hunger (Strikes) Games: Palestinian Prisoners in Israel

This post has little to do with religion (aside from the Israel/Palestine debate), but I thought the subject worthy of an article on this blog. In 2012 Palestinian prisoners being held indefinitely in Israeli jails staged a massive and highly … Continue reading

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The worst argument in politics: God

Remember when we were small children, completely ignorant to domestic politics, completely unaware that foreign policy and global politics existed? When we were mere lads and lasses we couldn’t care less about what those men in suits said who kept our … Continue reading

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How I survived the clown revolution in Beirut

I don’t often make political statements on this blog. But the wars in Syria and now between Palestine and Israel sometimes hit a little close to home. At first glance this video looks like merely a statement about the strength … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #42: When did Baasha die?

The bible is filled with murderous thugs, and Baasha is a great example. This Old Testament king of the Israelite Kingdom of Israel murdered his way to the throne, killing his predecessor and his predecessor’s entire family. Sometime before (or after) his … Continue reading

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6 things about Christians I learned by living in a Muslim country

Atheists (and everyone else) in the U.S. often fail to notice Christian behavior because it’s normal, even if some of these behaviors are absurd. For example, women wearing gaudy dresses with oversized matching hats to church is quite common in … Continue reading

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God’s cruelty misplaced?: the Philistines and the ark

I could go on and on about god’s cruelty in both the old and new testaments (and I probably will soon), but first I want to get into a wanton display of cruelty against a completely innocent group of people. … Continue reading

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Secularism and existential security: Peace between Israel and Palestine unlikely until religion is shaken off

The atrocities carried out by Islamic Palestinians with bombs strapped to their chests are horrible events, which, planted deeply in the heart of Koranic code (see Koran 4:74-78), are invented strictly out of the promises of religious necessity. Indeed, Sam … Continue reading

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I don’t even…

I stumbled across a news article about the EU’s response to Israeli construction on the West Bank. I scrolled down to the comments and found this: I refreshed the page and found several more like it from the same author. … Continue reading

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