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Bible Contradictions #51: What happened to the city of Ai?

    Joshua sacked Ai about 3,200-3,300 years ago (ca. 13th century BCE). After he burned the city to the ground, the prophet claims the city is “forever a heap of ruins.” This is similar to the prophesy about Tyre. … Continue reading

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Can god lead to global peace?: Maybe, but not in the way religious people think

I studied international politics, both in my undergrad and my graduate studies. We were less concerned with international relations (diplomacy and the inner workings of the state in global affairs) as we were with international studies, which is differentiated from international relations … Continue reading

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What happens when Christian children and atheist adults have a conversation about god?

The other day I was visiting a friend. We play in a band together. She has an 11-year-old daughter who, after spending some time with the grandparents, is currently going through some sort of religious awakening to Christianity. The mother, … Continue reading

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The bible doesn’t understand physics: Baffling blunder in the Book of Joshua

Yesterday I wrote about how Joshua became the only person in the bible who commanded god to do something that god actually did. It wasn’t a prayer, a plea for help; it was a demand. Basically, in order to win … Continue reading

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Is prayer not working? Try commanding god to help you!

The Old Testament is chock full of military conquests of god’s chosen people over nonbelievers and polytheists. The Book of Joshua is a prime example. Joshua was commander of one such pre-crusades crusade. He sacks Jericho, saving a lone inhabitant: … Continue reading

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