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Don’t believe in god? Run for president!

I got my undergraduate degree in Political Science. Thus, much of my professional network is made up of elected officials and people vying for office. I also have a lot of other atheist friends and acquaintances. Often, more than one … Continue reading

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Don’t condemn Christianity less, condemn Islam more: Every atheist should earn a fatwa

Christianity is an awful religion. Although Christ largely taught acceptance and patience, most of the rest of the bible contains approval of large-scale human rights abuses. It’s because of the bible that people (even in modern America) can justify bigotry, … Continue reading

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Secularism and existential security: Peace between Israel and Palestine unlikely until religion is shaken off

The atrocities carried out by Islamic Palestinians with bombs strapped to their chests are horrible events, which, planted deeply in the heart of Koranic code (see Koran 4:74-78), are invented strictly out of the promises of religious necessity. Indeed, Sam … Continue reading

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Godless heads of state and government: Atheist leaders around the world

Here’s an image I made showing many of the current and previous atheist heads of state and heads of government. This list is by no means complete. Notable is the fact that the United States is missing from this list. … Continue reading

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