Living Bible promises completely useless rewards

Yesterday after work I opened up Facebook and saw the following post by one of my friends. I gave a quick reply.


It took me a while to track down this verse. I opened my Catholic bibles instead because I was thrown off by the “St. Jude” moniker. The verse actually comes not from the Catholic traditions; rather, it comes from the Living Bible. Therefore, the scope of criticism in this post extends solely to the Living Bible.

In the Catholic bible (and most other Christian bibles) Philippians 4:7 announces that god’s peace will protect us. In the Living Bible, however, the verse is changed to read “If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand.”

In other words, god will give you something that you won’t be able to comprehend or enjoy. What use is god’s peace to you if it is completely incomprehensible? The Living Bible (also known as the Bathroom Bible) is utter nonsense.

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1 Response to Living Bible promises completely useless rewards

  1. Jason says:

    thanks! good stuff 🙂 hehe I just saw one too so I posted this under it:

    so in other words, if something is bothering you pray about it. In return for this prayer, God (who you will not hear from directly, guaranteed) will give you something that you will not be able to comprehend or enjoy. This incomprehensible reward will also likely not fix your worry (since you can’t understand it), so maybe even better than praying might be doing something to allay your worry. I guess you could pray too, no harm, since it doesn’t have any effect besides wasting time. In that case you could also sacrifice a goat or your firstborn or whatever – God/Allah used to be big on sacrifices, maybe that will help. But still, probably ultimately going to need to “do something”.

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