Bible Absurdities: Hebrews 7 says that a king from thousands of years ago is still alive

Hebrews chapter seven (Catholic bible linked) starts out by reciting a tale about Abraham after his Slaughter of the Kings (Genesis 14). We again meet King Melchizedek, one of the kings who won the war and in return gave Abraham a ton of cash and some slaves. Of course Melchizedek’s gift to Abraham is omitted in Hebrews. Instead, it is Abraham who gives treasures to the king: One tenth of all the booty that he stole from the dead kings. But that’s not really all that surprising. It’s just another contradiction in a book littered with contradictions.

If we move to verse three we realize that Melchizedek of Salem literally had no father, no mother, no relatives, no birthdate, and, most surprisingly, no mortality. Meaning, he would literally never die. Meaning, if we look hard enough around the world, we’ll run face-to-face with Melchizedek, possibly in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Some, such as evangelical Christians, believe that Melchizedek of Genesis was literally Jesus Christ. Others insist he was the physical avatar of the Holy Spirit. If that’s the case, it’s strange that Melchizedek is only mentioned three times in the bible (Genesis 14, Psalm 110, and Hebrews 7). I think that if Abraham had met Jesus or the Holy Spirit, the Old Testament would’ve focussed an insane amount of pages to Melchizedek. The New Testament too would have treated it with considerably more respect.

No, it appears to be merely a case of the bible claiming something absurd and impossible. And we can prove that it’s absurd and impossible because if Melchizedek was real, he’s unquestionably dead by now, despite the biblical promise that he would never die.

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