God kills millions because of their private thoughts (also, angels and humans get it on)

I’ve recently been tasked to read an analyze Genesis 6 (particularly verse 5, but I’m not going to cherry pick a bible verse here). A little background info: In a recent post there was a back and forth between a fellow atheist and the ubiquitous SOM. At one point I chimed in because SOM made a ridiculous statement, which is screen capped below:


Let’s highlight the offending quote: “God did not commit genocide by exterminating evil.” To this, I finally replied in the usual manner; I called SOM out. This is found below:


SOM insisted that if I read Genesis 6:5 I will experience a sudden conversion and understand why the Christian god does what he does (but… I thought he acts in mysterious ways!) So without further ado, here is my analysis. You can follow along here if you don’t have a bible ready. (Sigh, I promise to never feed the troll again).

Genesis 6:1 begins in the usual way for a bible book: a bunch of men having sex with women. Then suddenly in verse 2 the angels get in on the action by having sex with the daughters. I’m not making this up. Look it up and see! (By the way, “Sons of god” in the bible is generally accepted to mean angels).

Verse 3: God gets pissed for absolutely no reason and shortens the human lifespan to 120 years. On a side note, only one person has ever reached the age of 120, and she died in 1997.

Verse 4: Suddenly the daughters who’d been shagging the angels started giving birth to giants! (This verse seriously came out of nowhere).

Verse 5 (the main reason SOM sent me here): God looked down into people’s imaginations (that is, he read their thoughts). He didn’t like what humans think about so he decided to kill everyone! Basically, god wiped out the entire human race because he didn’t like their private thoughts.

Verse 6: And then god was like, “Man, I regret making humans,” even though the bible clearly shows elsewhere that god cannot change his mind.

Verse 7: Because the private thoughts of humans were so evil, god decides to kill everything, including innocent babies and kitty cats.

Verse 8: But Noah? He was a good guy.

… ad nauseum. The rest of this is god saying he’s angry and telling Noah how to build a boat.

This is by far the easiest chapter of the bible to criticize. Why anyone would think that this chapter would suddenly make me a believer is beyond comprehension. This should instead compel believers to leave their religion and join more peaceful religions. That anyone would attempt to justify murder on this scale is ridiculous. I find it especially difficult to believe that SOM was being serious when he challenged me to analyze Genesis 6.

SOM, you definitely failed to redeem yourself when you said that god exterminated evil. Because evil is still here according to followers of the god of Abraham! (Actually it’s not because evil is a religious construction. It was invented by scared humans.) If you mean to say that god exterminated evil humans, then you need to explain why god thought that fetuses, infants, and kittens were evil too. That part’s not in the bible.

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3 Responses to God kills millions because of their private thoughts (also, angels and humans get it on)

  1. Cerberus Black says:

    You’re welcome, Mr Zehn. And very well put.

  2. Cerberus Black says:

    (To, SOM. From, Mr Zehn.)

    “If you mean to say that god exterminated evil humans, then you need to explain why god thought that fetuses, infants, and kittens were evil too. That part’s not in the bible.”

    Mr Zehn, I have realism in every fiber of my being, and from the very start of my existence (at the age of 3) I have always questioned authority, even when said authority was completely benigned, and this has been both my comfort, and my misery. Why? Because my entire family (as well as many friends) had completely alienated me from their persons. With the exception of one brother.
    And I have never looked back.

    I have read many religions since then, and can only come to the conclusion that (all gods are falsifiable) because they are merely constructs of the human mind to best explain our reality, as well as to implement control over the populace. True, there are some religions that are peaceful and respectful, and I don’t mind if they follow in their bliss which may be beneficial to them, but I will (NEVER) follow any god, especially that of the (Jewish-Chritian-Islamic) (singular) religion.
    They’ve made him a tyrannical monster who’s offer you can’t refuse.

    One should never position themselves to ask the question of: “who created the universe” because that is of a human opinion, and that foundation is built from ignorance alone, and will never really answer the question.

    The other day, I had a conversation with an apologetic that stated:
    “Our planet and star are finely tuned… Not to hot and not to cold. Like clockwork. Don’t you think that’s amazing?”

    Cerberus’ reply: “no, why?”

    “Why do you not think so?”

    “Why do you think that it is?”

    “Because it says so in the bible.”

    “Chapter , verse?”

    “Doesn’t it strike you odd that our earth is neither too worm or cold? God says that he made the earth for us and will come back to save us, and he will then have his kingdom here on earth for the rest of eternity. Wouldn’t you want to be apart of that?”

    Cerberus :
    “First. All stars will, like any life on earth, live and die. Do you deny this fact?”

    “Yes, because god said he’d return.”

    “That’s a nice thought. But haven’t you ever looked into space through a telescope and be amazed by other stars who’s lives has ended?”

    Apologetic: “yes.”

    “Our star is no exception to that rule. The death of our star is an inevitable fact. It will happen in about 5 billion years from now. It will swell to become a red giant to encounter the planets of, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and perhaps it will take even Mars with it. Whatever life will exist at that time will slowly perish because the intense heat from our star will melt the service of our world, and any life on or within our earth cannot withstand that immense heat and pressure. But not to worry… We would’ve long since perished ourselves before this happens.”

    The apologetic said:
    “Can we have more dialog about this later?”

    Cerberus: “Any time of your choosing. As I enjoy debates.”

    Thanks again for the privilege
    Cerberus Black

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