Exposing bigotry: Here are some Christians very angry about same-sex marriage

It’s my opinion that if you post something in a public forum, your comments are fair game for public criticism. With that stated, last night I clicked on a Facebook image from Fox 45 Dayton that asks, “Do you believe Same-Sex Marriage should be legal in Ohio?” The image in question is below:


The image is a simple image — two (I’m assuming) recently-married men on a beach, flanked by family and friends and another couple — but the question is perhaps purposefully provocative. That is, Fox 45 Dayton implicitly wanted the image to go viral with religious fanatics and same-sex marriage supporters squaring off. Fox got exactly what it wanted. Religious fanatics flooded the comments with religious bigotry. So I did what anyone in my position would do; I took numerous screen caps to call out religious bigotry where I see it.

Below you will find these comments. I’m not censoring their names because, as I stated before, these comments were left publicly. Besides, they probably stand by these statements anyway. I’m lazy so these are in alphabetical order. Note that not all of the original comments are bigotry; some show bigotry in the replies.

I hope that all of you will follow suit, exposing bigotry everywhere you find it.

becky couch

Definitely far from perfect.

bruce cooper

Gays choose to be different? I would imagine you’d find it impossible to choose to be gay. Go ahead and try it.

cheryl slack

Which god?

danielle baxter

Actually, love is love. Sheri had it right.

mark price

I would totally marry my cat!

mark roysdon

Your bible has no power.

matthew anderson

LOL at Sara’s response! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

mike scholl

Listen to Mike. He’s a “doctor.”

norma nichols

Please tell me more of what the lord say.

patricia sproat

What the fuck does “he’ll no” mean? He’ll no what?

rhonda long

We don’t want you to “except” anything. That doesn’t even make sense!

roberta keating

The bible is very clear about a lot of stuff. How many of your children have you murdered for disobeying you?

sabrina leigh pisano

Thanks Michael!

sandy jarrard bowling

God also tells fat people to commit suicide.

ted adkins

How original.

trina perez mcintosh

So is your bastardization of Jesus’ teachings.

will smith

Is that THE Will Smith? I hope not.

As a recap, if you’re gonna be a bigot, people like me will call you out.

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I'm a political scientist.
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7 Responses to Exposing bigotry: Here are some Christians very angry about same-sex marriage

  1. carmelitaspats666 says:

    The responses cracked me up! LOL! I live in Texas so I’ve had run-ins with bigoted Christians who are beyond any capacity for reasoning or empathy. These are usually the fundamngelical types. What I like to do is go even more psycho-religious on them but on a Sacha Baron Cohen “Borat” scale…I’ve faked being a Southern Baptist church lady, I can cry on cue, clutch pearls, wear the wig and moo-moo dress, and I can fake outrage, sanctimony, and quote Bible verses about the same moral issues but I always attack their Biblegod for immorality. For example, with the anti-choice crowd, I always show references where their genocidal God slaughters fetuses, infants and children and I describe how disgusted I am at abortionist Yahweh’s wanton “baby killin'” (“God’s a zero, not a hero”). If I’m dealing with homophobes, I always point out that I experience a deep revulsion at the thought of God’s weird, wacky, disturbing and highly unnatural insemination of a horny teenager with himself because since Father and Son are one, we are dealing with supernatural incest: Jesus impregnated his own mother. I also point out that Jesus had two daddies which psychologically damaged him to the point of committing suicide on the cross in an act of defiant auto-eroticism. If they are divorced/remarried, I ask them what wife they are on (second? third? fourth?) and call them fornicators. I use Bible verses to prove this (it really makes them uncomfortable). It’s funny because they are shocked as hell by the open blasphemy coming from my “church lady persona” and they can’t wiggle out of their hyper-conservative moral stance. You force them to judge their own God’s morality and you have a good laugh. I only spit in their soup when it’s obvious that they are using their religion to discriminate and hurt others, particularly gay teens who end up committing suicide because of other people’s religious insanity. Keep up the good work!

  2. T.S. says:

    In… hell I’d say maybe less than five years the church is going to change its stance anyway. Organized religion may be stubborn, but it is capable of change when it knows it absolutely has to.

    There’s a reason they’re no longer telling us it would be against god to give up our slaves.

    “The bible is very clear about a lot of stuff. How many of your children have you murdered for disobeying you?”

    This was the best one.

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  4. Trina Perez McIntosh says:

    Just so you know I do not hate homosexual people. I love them just as I love everyone. You see when you have Jesus in your heart that’s how you feel. Just as he taught I do hate the sin. Anything that keeps someone from going to God’s big heaven I despise. Call me a Christian bigot if you like, but that my friend is furthest from the truth. God bless

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