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Martyrs for Fundamentalism: Signaling High Costs for Religious Mobilization

By now Kim Davis is old news. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame, but several questions still linger on. Mostly the debate is settled; she broke the law and paid a very public price for it. Most of the … Continue reading

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Request for Help Finding Medical Article: “Evidence supporting the biologic nature of gender identity”

My university is a liberal arts university with an extraordinarily small medical school that doesn’t offer anything resembling an MD. At best we offer a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Therefore, my school has not joined in any partnership … Continue reading

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Why Fight the End Times? Same-Sex Marriage and the Return to Eden

Today I read this article in Huffington Post by Michelangelo Signorile titled “USA Today Columnist Cal Thomas: Gay Marriage Is A Sign of the ‘End Times.’” In the piece Signorile quotes conservative columnist Cal Thomas, who says, paraphrased, if the Supreme … Continue reading

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God (doesn’t) love Uganda

I remember hearing about David Kato being murdered in 2011 and feeling nothing but sadness about his death. There’s still confusion about the motive behind the slaying. Some officials say it was a robbery gone wrong. Other officials say it … Continue reading

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Exposing bigotry: Here are some Christians very angry about same-sex marriage

It’s my opinion that if you post something in a public forum, your comments are fair game for public criticism. With that stated, last night I clicked on a Facebook image from Fox 45 Dayton that asks, “Do you believe Same-Sex … Continue reading

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The battle over gay rights: Terrorism is no longer just for terrorists

With all of the progress made in recent months for equal rights for the LGBT community, we’ve also seen a reactionary movement. The recent Arizona bill that was–thank god—vetoed yesterday by Gov. Jan Brewer was the most extreme reactionary force against … Continue reading

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