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Wow! Four posts in one day! It’s the summer, and I have more time on my hands. I’ve been keeping as busy as possible, which means reading, analyzing, and critiquing materials. And I have more time to blog (I also have a queue of tens of future blog posts, but I won’t inundate you with those). This will be my last post of the day, I swear.

This post is merely to announce that I’ve created a Facebook page because lately I’ve been receiving an abnormally large number of death threats, thanks in part to Saudi Arabia unblocking this page and the Muslim world sharing one of my posts that are more critical of Islam. It’s also due to the link I added to my page titled “Send me hate mail.” I don’t take any of these threats seriously, so I won’t discuss them right now. (There’s a future blog post for that).

But all of this attention — my web traffic has increased by a factor of four in the last few days, and most of that is in the Muslim world — I wanted to make myself a little more interactive. I’ve created a Facebook page for this blog, where I will be considerably more active. I’ll get around to the other social networks soon. But if you wish to follow me and help spread the Good News of reason, feel free to like my page: The Atheist Papers.


Besides, it’s social media that is slowly bringing about the death of all gods.

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I'm a political scientist.
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6 Responses to The Atheist Papers facebook page

  1. An atheist pooh bear. Who would have ever guessed!

  2. tealtomato says:

    “Social media will eventually bring about the death of all gods” — fascinating and though I’ve never thought of this before, I think there is quite a bit of truth in that. Do you ever see religion dying completely?

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      Well no. Futurama tells us that all religions will merge into one (except the robots, who will have their own religions). The book of Fry says that the one true religion is The First Amalgamated Church. I choose to believe this because Futurama says it’s true.


      To be honest, I’m not certain whether or not religion itself will ever die, but I can certainly imagine a world where there are no gods who take the forms of those humans currently have. Maybe people will become deists.

  3. Nice. Threats mean you’re doing something right. Lol

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  5. Great idea! Just followed it on facebook. I have no doubt that with reason and honest discussion, religious dogma and tyranny can finally come to an end. All it takes are a few collective voices to come together, and it looks as though we are well on our way!

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