Gearing up for war on Xmas: New weapon ensures victory

Because the War on Xmas is a very real war with bloodshed and civilian casualties on both sides, I’m beginning to feel that the only way for the Atheist Army to defeat the Christian God Warriors is to use disproportionately violent weapons. The super bomb I have in mind is vastly more powerful than any conventional or radiological weapon ever deployed by any army in the history of earth. With such weapons at our disposal, a single detonation should be sufficient to kill all Christians once and for all, thus finally winning the decades-long war against baby Jesus.

I’m talking about detonating a neutronium bomb.

Dr. Phil Mason (you might know him as Thunderf00t) made a great video about the neutronium bomb in 2012 (watch it here).

Obviously, the unfortunate side effect of detonating a neutronium bomb is the extinction of all life on earth. But it’s worth it to defeat those pesky Christians and their frankincense and myrrh.

About Rayan Zehn

I'm a political scientist.
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2 Responses to Gearing up for war on Xmas: New weapon ensures victory

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  2. Defeat them? They’ve already lost – dead man walking. Before Halloween candy was gone the Christmas decorations and sale items were up. Baby jesus has nothing to do with it anymore – it’s all about the money. If the xians want to reclaim Christmas as ‘their’ holiday they will have to take it back from retailers – good luck with that. Someone should tell them to keep their fucking holiday out of my thanksgiving.

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