Request for Help Finding Medical Article: “Evidence supporting the biologic nature of gender identity”

My university is a liberal arts university with an extraordinarily small medical school that doesn’t offer anything resembling an MD. At best we offer a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Therefore, my school has not joined in any partnership programs with journals that would give students or faculty access to medical-related articles. This can sometimes greatly frustrate me. I filed an interlibrary loan request, but usually that takes a day. After waiting a week, I checked with the library, and it turns out only two universities in the country have access to the article right now. Princeton and Brown. Therefore, I turn to you in hopes that at least one of you has access to a specific article published in Endocrine Practice this week. I would be forever grateful if one of you send me a copy. Furthermore, I hope this request piques your own interest. If you’re a student, faculty, or alumni [or if you just have the article saved on your hard rive for some other reason] please forward it. I’m dying to read it.

What I’m Looking for

“Evidence supporting the biologic nature of gender identity”

Published in Endocrine Practice [full title Endocrine Practice: Official Journal Of The American College Of Endocrinology And The American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists]

Issue: 2015 Feb 1; Vol. 21 (2), pp. 199-204.

Why I Want It So Badly

I’ll let the abstract answer that question. You can fill in the gaps in how that relates to religious discussions.

Objective: To review current literature that supports a biologic basis of gender identity.
Methods: A traditional literature review.
Results: Evidence that there is a biologic basis for gender identity primarily involves (1) data on gender identity in patients with disorders of sex development (DSDs, also known as differences of sex development) along with (2) neuroanatomical differences associated with gender identity.
Conclusions: Although the mechanisms remain to be determined, there is strong support in the literature for a biologic basis of gender identity.

Finally, here’s a recent news article from Science Daily that turned me on to the study.

I’m very excited to read their methodology. Maybe there’s a future blog post in there if I can get my hands on the article.

You can send it to theatheistpapers at gmail dot com.

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3 Responses to Request for Help Finding Medical Article: “Evidence supporting the biologic nature of gender identity”

  1. There are plenty that disprove a biological cause. I have some but they should be easy enough to find.

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      I would exercise extraordinary restraint in using the word ‘prove’ while commenting on this blog. Furthermore, if there is a correlation — to use the correct word — then you should be willing to do more than just tell me those studies are easy to find. Provide them.

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