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No Christianity, Many Hospitals: A response to Catholic News Service article

Today I read an article titled “No Christianity, No Hospitals: Don’t Take Christian Contributions for Granted,” on the Catholic News Service’s website. In the article author John Stonestreet praises the Catholic contribution of hospitals to society. Without the invention of Christianity, … Continue reading

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Request for Help Finding Medical Article: “Evidence supporting the biologic nature of gender identity”

My university is a liberal arts university with an extraordinarily small medical school that doesn’t offer anything resembling an MD. At best we offer a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Therefore, my school has not joined in any partnership … Continue reading

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Cancer doesn’t care about Jesus

I found the following image floating around the Internet yesterday, and I had to shake my head in disapproval. Cancer doesn’t fear Jesus. Cancer doesn’t have a central nervous system capable of forming any emotions, not even fear of 2,000-year-old … Continue reading

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