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Update: Orlando Shooter Did Have an Expressed Goal

A couple days ago I published a post asking what the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooter’s goal was. In it I mentioned that as far as we knew he made no demands during his 911 calls to the police. As it … Continue reading

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What Was the Goal of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting?

Last week’s terrorist attack against patrons of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which claimed the lives of 49 people, has me scratching my head. Although coming to terms with such a tragedy is difficult enough, the most puzzling aspect … Continue reading

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Quran Contradictions #9: Did Allah Create the Heavens or Earth First?

In this rather silly contradiction in the Quran there seems to be a lot of confusion about what came first, the earth or the heavens. In the second and forty-first books of the Quran it’s explicitly claimed that Allah created … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #56: Magic?

I remember as a young teenager watching the Disney adaptation of Moses’ story, titled The Prince of Egypt. In the film storytellers and animators inject a lot of comedy slapstick into the story where god commands Moses to out-magic the Pharaoh’s … Continue reading

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Moses’ Invisible Pen: How the Pentateuch Destroyed Any Hope of Faith

In the early years of Rayan, I steadfastly rejected religious claims, but for the most part I did so silently. It’s not that I had complaints about the telephone game, extraordinary claims, or even the utter implausibility of the stories … Continue reading

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Should Social Expectations Follow Naturally from Anyone’s Beliefs?

I’m vegan. I chose this lifestyle for personal, moral reasons. Living a life that causes the least amount of harm as possible is the only way I know to live. I gave up animal products on August 1, 2007, and I never … Continue reading

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Hume’s Guillotine: An Instruction in Explanation

Ask any atheist. The reason we object to religion is because of the harm organized religions inflict upon societies. But the source of our disdain goes deeper than that, and believers are often left bewildered because we do not adequately … Continue reading

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Reject Science, Beat Your Wife?

Given a situation where science contradicts religion, who is more likely to fall into the trap of cognitive dissonance and say, “Damn the science! Damn the evidence! My religion is true!”? There are a lot of variables that determine how … Continue reading

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When Merely Mentioning ISIS is Offensive

About six weeks ago I gave a presentation on ontological insecurity, cognitive dissonance, and prophetic violence carried out by the Islamic State. It was an informal setting; several pizzas adorned a round table, and the audience had as much talking … Continue reading

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True Believers, Religion, Politics, and Willingness to Die

I’m currently working on some rather cool simulations, attempting to determine the conditions sufficient to cause mass rebellious movements, where being killed by your own government is preferable to living in the status quo. I’m referring to armed insurrection with … Continue reading

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