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An atheist in Beirut: The beauty of Islamic music

I’ve mentioned before that I used to live in Beirut. I lived in Hamra, in an awful apartment called Residence Haddad, off of Makdessi Street. My room was on the second floor, and I learned to drown out the roar … Continue reading

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But I’ve been to Tyre: The problem of the existence of a city god promised would never be rebuilt

Prophecy Writing Pro Tip#57: Don’t promise that a beautiful beach will never be inhabited by man again. Tyre (Sur in Lebanese) is a very old inhabited city in the South of Lebanon. It has one of the most beautiful beaches … Continue reading

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Can I be an atheist in Lebanon?

The International Humanist and Ethical union released an interactive map showing that in Lebanon atheists face “severe discrimination” and prison time for blasphemy. Maybe this is true, but hopefully not. I lived for a time off of Makdessi┬áStreet in Hamra … Continue reading

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