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Migrants and Their Tragedies: Yes We Can Fucking Share

Pope Francis. Love him or hate him, every once in a while he does something rather remarkable. The Catholic Church’s official position on the European migrant crisis has been consistently impressive. From an initial plea to Europe to get off … Continue reading

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Sicarii, Assassins, and the Islamic State: A Pattern Emerges

Total holy war and suicide attacks are nothing new. History has kept a long list of organizations popping up, committing atrocities in the name of god, and then suffering absolute defeat—sometimes these campaigns are coupled with ironic consequences for the … Continue reading

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Republican Primary Voters’ Polling Data: Let’s Make the US a Christian Nation

Today I came across this report from Public Policy Polling after the group polled a few hundred Republican Primary voters. A brief methodology is attached to their report: PPP surveyed 316 Republican primary voters from February 20th to 22nd. The … Continue reading

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A Brief Analysis of the ISIS Problem Post-Burning Video

“ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive” has been a major headline in the news during the last two days. It’s such a major story that the news articles of the Jordanian executions of Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziad al-Karbouli have been swallowed by … Continue reading

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Shooting Down Flying Carpets: Let’s stay on topic about Islamic terrorism

There are two major fallacies defenders of Islam make when addressing the problem of Islamic terror. In the wake of yesterday’s terror attack in Paris, I’ve seen these employed with fervor. These are the magic get-out-of-jail-free cards that can be … Continue reading

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The worst argument in politics: God

Remember when we were small children, completely ignorant to domestic politics, completely unaware that foreign policy and global politics existed? When we were mere lads and lasses we couldn’t care less about what those men in suits said who kept our … Continue reading

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An open letter to atheists, Christians, and Muslims about working together to condemn ISIS

My criticism of religion must take a back seat for a moment. Lately I’ve been writing a lot more about ISIS — and with good cause. The Islamic State is the perfect example of what happens when religion goes horribly … Continue reading

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Moralism Islamic terrorists can learn from the Westboro Baptist Church (More death threats)

One of the things I find rather striking about Islam is how quick its members are to lobbing threats of violence and death. As I wrote about before, I received death threats from Muslims and alleged members of ISIS after … Continue reading

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On ISIS, death threats, and free speech

The above image is one example of the many death threats I’ve received from radical Islamists after I posted two videos to Youtube where I burned the Islamic State’s flag (Part 1 and Part 2). I’m not worried about these … Continue reading

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Burn ISIS Flag Challenge (Part 2)

Yesterday’s burning of the ISIS flag was in solidarity with the people of Lebanon, who are threatened with arrest if they burn the actual ISIS flag (they can only burn flags with no religious words). I used a variation of … Continue reading

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