You cannot be a believer in the God of Abraham if you accept evolution

I’ve heard the following argument a million times. It’s so ingrained in human thought that I can’t even remember from where it originated. The argument is as follows:

  • If evolution is true, then Adam and Eve did not exist
  • If Adam and Eve did not exist, then Jesus did not die to save us from original sin
  • Therefore, if evolution is true, then Jesus did not die to save us from original sin

The hypothesis takes the position that evolution essentially negates the Abrahamic religions. That is, if humans evolved, then there was no first man and woman. There was no temptation by a serpent. There was no original sin. There was no need for Jesus to save us.

I think it’s a fairly simple hypothesis gleaned from the questions that evolutionary theory has given society. It’s a straightforward statement that is rather unquestionable. I wracked my brains trying to come up with a theistic retort to the hypothesis and concluded that any retort is meaningless.

In order to reconcile evolution with their religion, they must add to and subtract from their religion. The holy texts of Abraham offer absolutely no insight into evolutionary theory. Instead, the books are highly explicit in how the world was created (six days), where the heavens are located (they exist in a physical firmament), and from where humans came (Adam and Eve). One must subtract these from the bible and add in some new stuff that appears nowhere in the bible. They will have to add evolutionary theory: Humans evolved from other creatures. At some point god was pleased with the progress and placed two in the Garden of Eden. At that point the biblical story can continue.

This saves their religion but creates it with a completely different foundation. (It also does nothing to answer the whole heaven-existing-in-a-physical-place problem that I mentioned yesterday).

But why a believer would want to change this foundation is beyond me. Believers probably don’t want to change it (changing it admits that these parts are wrong). But that leaves open the question, if you accept evolutionary theory, why do you still believe? Jews no longer have a need for a savior. Adam and Eve did not exist and therefore did not cause original sin. Christians can not say that Jesus died to save them from original sin because it didn’t exist. And if Christianity falls, there too goes Islam.

If you accept evolution then you cannot also accept the teachings of the Abrahamic religions. They are mutually exclusive. If you want to still be a believer, you’ll have to dismiss the scientific method, live your life in delusion, and convert to creationism.

About Rayan Zehn

I'm a political scientist.
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