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Santa Myth is Not the Same as Religious Myths

For as far back as I can remember atheist bloggers and others have been drawing a comparison between telling your children Santa is real and telling your children they can literally live forever if they believe in Jesus. I’ve repeated … Continue reading

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Fox News readers lose their shit over Tyson Christmas tweets

I’m sure most of you are already aware of the humorous tweets physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sent out on Christmas. If you’re not, I’m linking a news article about them here. The linked article comes from Fox News, which I … Continue reading

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An alternative to secular Christmas music: That Detroit Soul!

It’s that time of year again when ex-Christian non-believers must accept the shackles of their former religious upbringings. While December 25 — to us — is just another day on the calendar, no more worthy of special treatment than December … Continue reading

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It’s time to take the “X” out of Xmas

Warning: Satire. It’s been a long, unproductive day. I figured I’d continue in my unproductiveness and make this post. For what feels like centuries Christians have been trying to put “Christ” back into Christmas, whatever the hell that even means. … Continue reading

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Christians, you aren’t Eastering hard enough!

Easter is–hands down–the most important holiday in all branches of Christianity. Easter represents precisely everything that is fundamental to the Christian religions: A man venerated as the physical embodiment of god is resurrected. Without the resurrection, the death of Jesus … Continue reading

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A bunch of Christians and an atheist on Christmas morning: I was not expecting how I was treated

Each year for Christmas my family uses Elfster to coordinate a secret Santa-type gift exchange. The website randomly pairs family members together, with a $50 maximum gift cost. Usually I ask for that $50 to be donated to a secular … Continue reading

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Counting down the final days in the 2013 War on Christmas, victory seems unlikely

Atheist Warriors in America, it is with a saddened heart that I officially acknowledge our defeat in the 2013 annual War on Christmas. This might be a little early, considering that Xmas is still a week away, and we definitely … Continue reading

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What happens when children learn about Saint Nicolas?

A 10-year-old kid was asking me about Santa in front of his dad the other day. The father is agnostic, and I’m atheist, so this was an uncomfortable conversation for both of the adults. I politely told the boy that … Continue reading

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